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Helpful Bankruptcy Links:

Bankruptcy Court - Northern District of Texas

Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District of Texas

Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of Texas

Bankruptcy Court - Western District of Texas

Local Bankruptcy Court Rules - Local rules of procedure for the Bankruptcy Courts. This information is mostly of interest only to lawyers, but it can not hurt to know this information.

Car & Truck Valuation

You must obtain and list an accurate market value for all of your vehicles when you file for bankruptcy. The following sites will provide a free market value analysis. Edmunds.com and Kelly Blue Book are preferred and more accurate for several reasons. First, Edmunds.com and Kelly Blue Book provide a "private party sale" valuation. For bankruptcy purposes, private party sale is the most accurate valuation method. NADA does not provide a "private party sale" valuation option. Second, Edmunds.com and Kelly Blue Book both make an allowance for the condition of your vehicle. If your vehicle is in fair or poor condition, both Edmunds.com and Kelly Blue Book properly make a downward valuation adjustment to account for vehicle condition. NADA improperly assumes that all vehicles are in "clean" condition.


Kelly Blue Book


Redemption/New Car loans in Bankruptcy

722 Redemption.com

Home Values


Credit Report

Annual Credit Report - One free credit report per year




Chapter 13 Trustee Sites - Texas

Home Pages - These sites contain information relating to the policies and procedures of the Chapter 13 Trustees, including: office hours, office and plan payment addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and debtor orientation class times and locations.

Deborah B. Langehennig (Austin)

Cindy Boudloche (Corpus Christi)

Tim Truman (Fort Worth)

Alice Whitten (Fort Worth)

David Peake - Chapter 12 (Houston)

William Heitkamp (Houston)

David Peake (Houston)

Robert Wilson (Lubbock)

Janna L. Countryman (Plano)

Mary K. Viegelahn (San Antonio)

John Talton (Tyler)

Ray Hendren (Waco Division)

Credit Counseling Agencies

This is a list of the approved credit counseling agencies. Scroll down to the "Southern District of Texas" for the local list.

Debtor Education Providers

This is a list of the approved debtor education providers. Scroll down to the "Southern District of Texas" for the local list.

Means Testing Information

This link contains the median income and IRS expense data used for means testing a debtor's eligibility to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, and the amount that a debtor will be required to pay payment plan for persons that file under Chapter 13.

Prime Rate History Chart

This site will tell you the prime interest rate on any given date for the previous ten years. This is important in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, because in the Southern District of Texas, the interest rate paid on many secured claims are calculated at the prime rate plus two percent as of the date the bankruptcy case was filed.

Thomas - Library of Congress Legislative Information Site

Contains information relating to all legislation proposed and passed by Congress.

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