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Over 30 Years Experience Representing Clients In Hundreds of Bankruptcy and Debt Related Cases.

Board Certified in Both Consumer and Business Bankruptcy Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
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10 Reasons to Hire the Brown Law Firm


1. EXPERIENCE. There is just no substitute for experience. The attorneys at The Brown Law Firm have over 45 years of combined experience in representing clients in debt related cases. Mr. Brown himself has over 30 years of representing clients in all types of bankruptcy and other debt related cases from the simplest of cases to very complicated chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by the competent, experienced attorneys at The Brown Law Firm.

2. BANKRUPTCY BOARD CERTIFICATION AND COURT ADMISSIONS. It's one thing to hold yourself out as a "Bankruptcy Attorney" or as a "Law Firm Specializing in Bankruptcy Law" and quite another to be recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (which was created by and is operated under the authority the Supreme Court of Texas) as an attorney who is a board certified specialist in Both Consumer and Business Bankruptcy Law. Mr. Brown is one of those very few attorneys in Texas who is recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a board certified specialist in Both Consumer and Business Bankruptcy Law. In addition, he is a Past Chair of the Texas Board of Legal Specialization - Bankruptcy Law Advisory Commission. For more information on Why You Should Hire a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney, Click Here.

Mr. Brown is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and all federal courts in Texas. This allows him to provide statewide coverage to clients.

3. KNOWLEDGEABLE ATTORNEYS. The attorneys at The Brown Law Firm have a vast amount of knowledge available to call upon to assist you with your legal issues. Although the attorneys in The Brown Law Firm are concentrating their practice on debt related matters, they have experience in a number of other areas of the law, which gives them the unique ability to provide you or your business with superior representation in connection with debt issues. Mr. Brown has extensive knowledge in representing both debtors and creditors. In our opinion, being very knowledgeable in how the process works on both sides of the docket provides The Brown Law Firm with a unique ability to effectively represent our clients. In addition, from past legal experience, he is also well versed in asset protection planning, business, contract, real estate, construction and employment law. (Click Here to view the profile of Jerome A. Brown)

4. HIGHLY QUALIFIED, KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF. All of the staff at The Brown Law Firm are highly qualified, experienced and college-educated.

5. WE HANDLE TAX ISSUES AND ASSET PROTECTION PLANNING MATTERS. Along with other debts, many of our clients also have federal, state or local tax issues. The handling of tax issues, either inside or outside of a bankruptcy context is a highly specialized area of the law. We also have access to other highly-qualified consultants who have years of experience in dealing with tax issues, both inside and outside of bankruptcy. (For more information on Tax Debt Relief , Click Here) Our firm also handles asset protection planning matters from the formation of simple business organization to complex trusts. Since members of our firm have represented both debtors and creditors in a number of debt related cases for many years, we have vast frontline experience in the protection of client assets from their creditors. This experience has proved invaluable to a number of our clients and allowed them to keep assets that would otherwise have been seized by their creditors. (For more information on Asset Protection Planning, Click Here)

6. USE OF DEBT WORKOUTS/SETTLEMENTS AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO BANKRUPTCY There are times when it is in a client's best interest to pursue the resolution of their debt issues through debt workouts/settlements with their creditors, instead of filing bankruptcy. Unfortunately, we have seen other attorneys place their clients into bankruptcy in order to collect a larger fee when it would have been much more advantageous to the client to work out a settlement with their creditors. At The Brown Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience to properly analyze whether a client should be placed in bankruptcy or pursue debt workouts.

7. WE HANDLE FAMILY FARMER/RANCHER BANKRUPTCIES (CHAPTER 12 CASES) AND DEBT WORKOUT CASES. Mr. Brown has been involved in a number of bankruptcy and debt workout cases involving farmers and ranchers. His agricultural background and education provide him with a keen insight when it comes to representing farmers and ranchers in these types of cases. For more information on Chapter 12 Family Farmer Bankruptcy Cases, Click Here )

8. PERSONAL SERVICE We pride ourselves on giving clients personal service. Our attorneys initially meet personally with each client and they and our staff continue to have personal contact with clients until the completion of their cases. We get to know each client on a first name basis. We promptly return phone calls and respond to emails because your case is important to us. Also, our phones are answered on a 24 hour basis so you can contact us anytime an emergency might arise. We also maintain offices in both Austin and Victoria that are staffed during work hours by attorneys and/or legal assistants.

9. RESOURCES. Although we are not a large "firm", we do have the resources that allow us to handle debt related cases from the simplest debt workout with a credit card company to the handling of complex Chapter 11 business reorganization bankruptcy cases. We have highly qualified attorneys to represent you with vast experience in a number of different areas of the law. Our staff is also highly-qualified, experienced and college educated. Together, the attorneys and staff at The Brown Law Firm combine to provide you with a winning team.

10. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS/ REASONABLE FEES/PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE. In the bankruptcy cases we handle, we provide you with a free initial consultation. Then, if it is not a complicated case, we are able to quote you a flat fee for handling your bankruptcy case so that you know upfront exactly the amount you will be charged. We also provide payment plans with easy terms for our clients. We also utilize legal assistants (whose hourly rates are cheaper than those of attorneys), when your case allows, in order to lower your legal fees.

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